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The Current State of Criminal Screening

Ardent readers of the Paletz Law blog know that landlords need to be compliant with the Fair Housing Act[1], which prohibits discrimination against race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability. Also, states and local municipalities may have additional protected classes, such as age and marital status in Michigan and military status and […]

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We’re Already ADA Compliant, Isn’t That Enough?

The Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) is a Federal civil rights law enacted in 1990, which provides protection to disabled individuals in public accommodations, employment, and other areas.[1] Since the ADA’s inception, construction affecting rental housing has taken its requirements into account. From a landlord’s perspective, this generally applies to areas open to the public, […]

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Baby Boom Meets Senior Housing Boom

It’s no secret the average age of Americans is increasing[1] and many baby boomers may be in the market for housing that accommodates their needs while still allowing for independence. Recognizing this trend, enterprising property owners have been looking for ways to cater to this growing market. Senior housing providers are actually permitted an exemption […]

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Small Claims Don’t Have To Be Big Issues

A ‘small claims’ lawsuit is a type of action that is limited in the dollar amount in controversy and the parties generally cannot be represented by an attorney.  The reasoning behind this is to presumably make the court system more accessible and allow for parties to represent themselves for disputes that are for a relatively […]

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