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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Consequences on Unexpired Leases

Bankruptcy, in general, can often be confusing and misunderstood. This is especially true for landlords because bankruptcy cases frequently involve the interplay between federal and state laws. Under state law, a lease agreement is a contract and when one party fails to honor its terms, the party is in default or breach. For instance, this […]

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Source of Income or Source of Concern?

Matthew I. Paletz, CEO, was published in this month’s edition of MH Insider Magazine. In the article, he details the rapid growth of “source of income” fair housing protection. See the original article on pages 88-90 in MH insider here. The world of manufactured housing continues to reinvent itself. Over the years, the traditional tenant-owned […]

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How to Avoid the Deep End of Fair Housing

Summer appears to finally be here in Michigan (fingers crossed). For many of us, that means hot dogs on the grill, the beach, and children playing outdoors. For landlords, summertime often means that amenities at the property, such as fitness centers, playgrounds, and most commonly pools, will see more activity. Consequently, considering the ever-shifting fair […]

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Recovering Debt After Tenancy: Navigating the Collection Process

We at Paletz Law take a collection attorney’s mentality when practicing landlord/tenant law. This provides our clients with a more comprehensive approach to dealing with renters during the entire tenancy process. This starts at the application phase, where in order to enhance a landlord’s chance of recovery at the end of a tenancy, it is […]

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A Growing Concern: What Michigan Landlords Need to Know About Recreational Marihuana

Michigan Proposal 1, which sought approval for the recreational use of marihuana (Michigan spells it with an “h” instead of a “j”), passed in the November 2018 election. The impact of this is still being evaluated amongst several industries, including property management. Whereas marihuana was once viewed primarily as a counterculture vice, it is now […]

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“We Need to Talk . . .”

As we’ve said many times before, landlords and tenants are in a relationship and the key to any good relationship is communication. Sometimes initiating a simple conversation can alleviate confusion, resolve disputes, and go a long way in fostering a good tone for the tenancy. However, the ways we communicate as a society are evolving […]

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Lifting the Stay

As a continuation of our Blog series about Tenants and Bankruptcy (see The Basics, remember that the main constant in Bankruptcy filings is the Automatic Stay. The legal definition of a Stay is the postponement or halting of a judicial proceeding. The reason why a Stay automatically takes effect in Bankruptcy is to initially […]

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2018 Year-End Report

2018 was a fast-paced year for the real estate industry full of activity. See our 2018 Year-End Report to read more about some of the news from a legal perspective.

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