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Obtaining Titles for Abandoned Manufactured Homes in Ohio: What You Need to Know

Management of a manufactured housing community is can sometimes prove challenging, especially in the Midwest.  One has to address disputes between neighbors, deal with delinquencies, make sure the streets are plowed during the winter, and handle the aftermath of homes that former tenants leave behind.  The latter becomes even more complicated depending on the state […]

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 Delinquencies

One of the toughest challenges for a landlord might be when a tenant files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Oftentimes, this type of bankruptcy can result in an ongoing delinquency that can last up to five years – a daunting prospect for a landlord’s bottom line. The automatic bankruptcy stay, which prohibits a landlord from attempting […]

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Lifting the Stay

As a continuation of our Blog series about Tenants and Bankruptcy (see The Basics, remember that the main constant in Bankruptcy filings is the Automatic Stay. The legal definition of a Stay is the postponement or halting of a judicial proceeding. The reason why a Stay automatically takes effect in Bankruptcy is to initially […]

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The Tenant Escrowed Their Rent – NOW WHAT?

A Forcible Entry and Detainer action for eviction in Ohio is supposed to be relatively straightforward. When the landlord has been keeping the rental premises in proper repair and the tenant has failed to pay their rent, the next step would be to issue a 3-Day Notice. If the tenant still fails to pay their […]

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Manufactured Housing In Michigan: “Just Cause” vs “Non-Renewal”

As many in the industry know, an at will or by sufferance tenancy a/k/a month-to-month tenancy may be terminated by either the landlord or tenant. Typically, for residential housing, the initiating party must provide notice equivalent to one month or another time period controlled by the lease.[1] Issuance of a termination notice by the landlord […]

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What Is Rent Anyway?

You wouldn’t think it would be hard to agree on what the word “rent” means. But then you’ve never been a landlord renting a property to a tenant and been in front of a judge trying to get that property back.  If you were to ask a tenant what “rent” is, they would probably say it’s […]

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Is Fair Housing Really Fair?


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