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Our Firm

Paletz Law is a highly efficient organization with a deep roster of landlord-tenant attorneys who bring over 50 years of collective legal experience. We are well-skilled legally, responsive, and zealous advocates for our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

Matthew I. Paletz

Matthew I. Paletz


Matthew I. Paletz is the Chief Executive Officer of Paletz Law. He oversees all...

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John M. Mione

John M. Mione

Director of Operations

John M. Mione is the Director of Operations and a Senior Attorney at Paletz...

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Ian T. Morton

Ian T. Morton

Senior Litigation Attorney

Ian T. Morton is a Senior Litigation Attorney at Paletz Law who handles comprehensive...

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Paletz Law has developed a culture of a client-first, customer service based approach. We understand that to be successful, there must be cohesion amongst all employees, and that the output of our business is a collaborative result of our entire staff.

We always welcome interest from candidates who wish to be part of our growing and exciting team. Candidates who are high energy, skilled and take a collaborative and team-oriented mindset to problem solving often become successful Paletz Law team members.

Community Outreach


Paletz Law Gives Back

Paletz Law is a corporate sponsor for the House of Providence, which provides a familial environment for minors in the foster care system who are without the prospect of permanent placement.

Paletz Law also provides pro bono legal services to veterans through the American Bar Association and supports other various causes.

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