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We understand the diverse nature of our real estate clients and the varying types of properties they oversee, such as multi-family, affordable, and manufactured housing. Our skilled team of attorneys and experienced staff allows us to serve all different types of clients, from large multi-state operators and third party management companies to small privately held organizations.

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Multi-Family Housing

These are traditionally large apartment complexes and townhouses that are the backbone of the residential housing industry. They continue to increase in popularity due to the shift in both demographics and personal preferences, so it is important to have legal counsel that can guide you in your day to day operations of these properties.

Manufactured Housing

We are one of the largest representatives of manufactured housing in the Midwest. Also known as mobile home communities, these properties offer a path to home ownership for individuals and families of all ages.

Affordable Housing

This can include tax credit, government subsidized, section 8 (both voucher and project based), and other types of housing available to lower income individuals and families.

Single Family Housing

Whether you are a third party management company, property owner looking to get into real estate, or an “accidental landlord”, we can help you maximize the cash flow of your assets. We are also skilled at pursuing remedies to address squatters so you can get back on track with making your property profitable without undue delay.

Senior Housing

We also represent properties that are primarily designed for individuals 55 and older. These communities are available in many different housing options, and can offer a lifestyle suited for seniors.

Student Housing

We represent rental housing that is offered to university and college students. There are unique factors to take into account with this type of housing, such as rentals per bedroom, that we can counsel our clients on.

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Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

REITs are income-producing real estate investment vehicles. They can be publicly traded entities with dividends paid to shareholders, or privately owned and managed. We are experienced in being aware of the unique considerations to take into account for these clients, and we have experience in handling large multi-state portfolios.

Third Party and Fee Managed

As longtime professionals in this industry, we understand the nuances and differences between outright ownership and third party management. Our level of timely communication gives you quicker access to results, which allows you to better inform your various ownership groups.

Real Estate Owned (REO)

These are financially distressed properties that are in receivership and/or owned by a bank, government entity or other lender. Whether your intention is to prepare the property for sale for a quick turnaround or actively manage for an extended period, we have the experience to assist. We have managed many financially distressed entities though different stages- from lack of profitability to intermediate sustainability, to ultimate realized upon value for sale. We are there to shepherd our clients through all of these circumstances.

Independently Owned

Paletz Law is now second generation family owned. We therefore have a unique perspective in understanding the benefits and challenges of individually owned real estate, and we have the personal touch to service an individual or family owned portfolio, regardless of the size.


Paletz Law routinely handles evictions of non-paying commercial tenants and is able to advise our clients on the different types of remedies available in commercial real estate that may differ from residential property.

Private Equity Real Estate

Due to the volatility of the stock market, more and more equity firms are diversifying their portfolios by increasing the percentage of home ownership. These clients have come to rely upon our knowledge in landlord-tenant law in streamlining their operations as they get into the property management. Housing continues to be an investment worthy of consideration.

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