Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-Tenant Evictions

Our Firm is one of the largest filers of landlord-tenant cases in the Midwest.  We are experienced in all types of eviction and forcible entry and detainer cases in Michigan and Ohio, including but not limited to non-payment of rent, termination of tenancy, health hazard, unlawful drug activity, trespass, and evictions based upon threats or acts of physical violence at the premises.

Fair Housing Defense

We can represent you in any fair housing related matters, both administratively and in state and federal court. With the increase in protections afforded to tenants, it is imperative to have legal counsel that is experienced and battle-tested with these claims. We have defended landlords and property managers nationwide, and can assist you in navigating through these claims.

Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy

In the event a tenant files bankruptcy, we can also represent your interests as a creditor. We can advise you early in the process of ways that you may be able to mitigate your losses in these circumstances.

Real Estate Litigation

Landlords and property owners are frequently targets from not only tenants, but municipalities and other entities as well. When you are faced with a lawsuit or claim, we can not only defend you to the fullest extent of the law, but we can explore options to bring potential counterclaims.

Claim and Delivery / Replevin

For our manufactured home clients, we are experienced in initiating these actions to secure their property that a purchaser has defaulted upon.

Collections Consultation

In addition to our knowledge in landlord-tenant law, we can offer consultation on your collections process. This starts with an assessment of the initial application phase, then reviewing how you are handling receivables after a tenant vacates.

Project Management

We often take over as counsel for a property where their prior outside attorney did not take an aggressive approach. In these circumstances, we do a wholesale evaluation and offer suggestions to our clients on how to address the problem and best mitigate delinquencies.

Small Claims Removal

With the proliferation of information available to tenants online at no cost, suits are more commonly being filed upon against landlords by tenants unrepresented by an attorney. In these circumstances, we can get involved from the start and seek a low-cost resolution for our clients or appear on their behalf for the purpose of defending a claim.

Risk Management and Compliance

With regulations at local, state and federal levels, we assist our clients in reviewing these guidelines so we can properly advise and counsel them on complying with any necessary regulations. We also routinely draft internal policies for our clients to guard against these regulations, and our proactive engagement allows us to identify and correct potential issues where our clients may have exposure.

Lease Drafting and Review

We also offer review of your documentation, such as tenant applications, lease agreements and rules & regulations. In line with our overall philosophy, the scope of our review encompasses looking for ways to proactively curtail potential issues before they arise. We are also experienced in working with a network of attorneys nationwide to implement these documents amongst a large multi-state portfolio.

Save Time

This software results in time savings to our clients because it reduces the time their staff must spend on the legal process, thereby allowing them to spend more time on overseeing properties, combating delinquencies, and bringing in new tenants. This program can be used 24/7 at no additional cost.


Further, a mobile application for Paletz Portal is available as well. It is compatible with iPhone and Android, along with other smart phones and tablets.


Paletz Law is also a technology partner with Rent Manager, a leading provider of property management solutions. This partnership further strengthens our position in the landlord-tenant legal services market, and it results in greater efficiency for landlords and property managers as it further automates and streamlines the landlord-tenant legal process for our clients.

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