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Michigan Legislature Revisits Emotional Support Animals

Forrest M. Wall, CAE is the Vice President of Government Affairs & Industry Relations for the Home Builders Association of SE Michigan/Apartment Association of Michigan, located in Bingham Farms. Paletz Law is a proud member and like Forrest, a staunch advocate of the apartment management industry. For our blog this month, we invited Forrest to […]

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Source of Income or Source of Concern?

Matthew I. Paletz, CEO, was published in this month’s edition of MH Insider Magazine. In the article, he details the rapid growth of “source of income” fair housing protection. See the original article on pages 88-90 in MH insider here. The world of manufactured housing continues to reinvent itself. Over the years, the traditional tenant-owned […]

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Recovering Debt After Tenancy: Navigating the Collection Process

We at Paletz Law take a collection attorney’s mentality when practicing landlord/tenant law. This provides our clients with a more comprehensive approach to dealing with renters during the entire tenancy process. This starts at the application phase, where in order to enhance a landlord’s chance of recovery at the end of a tenancy, it is […]

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2018 Year-End Report

2018 was a fast-paced year for the real estate industry full of activity. See our 2018 Year-End Report to read more about some of the news from a legal perspective.

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If It’s Not In Writing, It Didn’t Happen

Last month’s Paletz Law blog was about the value of a landlord taking pictures to document damages caused by a tenant. Another similar property management practice tip is to make sure you keep a written record of a tenant’s actions while they’re renting from you. If an issue ultimately needs to be litigated, you can […]

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Crisis Management In The Social Media Era

Contrary to popular belief, a crisis is not when your NCAA bracket gets obliterated in the first weekend. Rather, the dictionary defines it as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger when a difficult decision must be made.” In property management, examples of this include infrastructure failures, fire damages, criminal incidents or pest infestations. […]

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2017 Year-End Report

2017 has been a very exciting year for landlord-tenant law. Check out Paletz Law’s Year-End Report and have Happy Holiday Season!

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