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Sharing is Caring – Especially When it Involves Your Attorney

For the last 2 ½ years, Landlords and Property Managers have been wading through the various changes in Landlord/Tenant law, court procedures, and rental assistance. Though the CERA (COVID Emergency Rental Assistance) Program is coming to an end, and though some of the changes may become permanent (we’ll keep our readers posted on this), some […]

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“We Need to Talk . . .”

As we’ve said many times before, landlords and tenants are in a relationship and the key to any good relationship is communication. Sometimes initiating a simple conversation can alleviate confusion, resolve disputes, and go a long way in fostering a good tone for the tenancy. However, the ways we communicate as a society are evolving […]

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A Landlord’s Pictures Can Be Worth a Tenant’s Thousand Words

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is applicable to many situations, including the relationship between a landlord and tenant. The importance of a landlord keeping photographic records of their property cannot be understated, as these photos can often assist in resolving tenant disputes. Inherent in the landlord and tenant relationship is […]

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Breaking Up – It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard To Do (If You Use The Right Notice)

Landlords and tenants are in a relationship – not only contractually through the lease agreement but one also governed by the laws of each particular state. In this relationship, landlords provide the housing and tenants pay the rent. Sounds simple enough, but what happens when it goes bad and it’s time to break up? For […]

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