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The Aftermath of COVID Continues to Cause Delays in Michigan Landlord-Tenant Cases

Owners of rental properties continue to be adversely affected by the delays and disruptions emanating from the Michigan judiciary‚Äôs attempts to address the COVID pandemic. Here are three reasons landlord-tenant cases are routinely delayed and unable to be quickly resolved as intended by Michigan law. Most District Courts are Overwhelmed and Underperforming Despite Best Efforts […]

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The Zoom Courtroom: Tips for Witnesses on How to Join and Be Prepared for a Virtual Hearing

If you have not yet been using Zoom as another way to communicate with co-workers or family members, where have you been for the last six months? Whether it be for work, school or a fun video get-together with friends, this way of communicating is, for now at least, the new normal. Currently, most courts […]

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Consequences on Unexpired Leases

Bankruptcy, in general, can often be confusing and misunderstood. This is especially true for landlords because bankruptcy cases frequently involve the interplay between federal and state laws. Under state law, a lease agreement is a contract and when one party fails to honor its terms, the party is in default or breach. For instance, this […]

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