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Tenants and Bankruptcy: The Basics

You’ve likely seen several commercials, billboards, and other advertisements by attorneys promoting their services to individuals seeking to file bankruptcy. However, when a tenant files bankruptcy, what are the landlord’s responsibilities and remedies? Because a tenant cannot select which debts they include in their bankruptcy petition, any debts owed to a landlord by a tenant […]

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What To Do If Your Tenant Has Crossed The Line

In Michigan, actions to terminate tenancy usually need to be based on breach of the terms of the lease agreement or the rules and regulations. These actions typically require a 30 Day Notice before suit can be filed. However, there are some exceptions that have been carved out by the Michigan Legislature when the need […]

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Tips for Landlords to Weather the Storm of Natural Disasters

Considering the recent disasters in Texas and Florida caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we are reminded how important it is to be prepared for the potential impact on your rental properties and your tenants. Nobody can predict the future but there are precautions that landlords and property owners can take to mitigate the effects […]

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Bed Bugs, Bites, and Landlords’ Rights

Detroit continues to be in the top 10 in the nation for bed bug infestations.[1] That’s why lawmakers in Michigan have been itching for years for ways to address the bed bug epidemic as it relates to landlords and tenants. The main issue is who has the burden to pay the costs for removal. Since […]

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