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One of the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has accelerated the use of technology. In the rental housing industry, there are many ways this is being done. For example, more landlords may be sending notifications and receiving payments electronically, as opposed to by paper. But before doing so, landlords should be […]

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State of Michigan Eviction Diversion Program

On June 26, 2020, Executive Order No. 2020-134 was signed by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.[1] It created the Eviction Diversion Program (EDP), which took effect on July 16, 2020 immediately after the expiration of her eviction moratorium. The EDP, which will be administered by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and run through the […]

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How to Avoid the Deep End of Fair Housing

Summer appears to finally be here in Michigan (fingers crossed). For many of us, that means hot dogs on the grill, the beach, and children playing outdoors. For landlords, summertime often means that amenities at the property, such as fitness centers, playgrounds, and most commonly pools, will see more activity. Consequently, considering the ever-shifting fair […]

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A Growing Concern: What Michigan Landlords Need to Know About Recreational Marihuana

Michigan Proposal 1, which sought approval for the recreational use of marihuana (Michigan spells it with an “h” instead of a “j”), passed in the November 2018 election. The impact of this is still being evaluated amongst several industries, including property management. Whereas marihuana was once viewed primarily as a counterculture vice, it is now […]

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The Changing Definition of Sex Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act

The past few years have seen issues relating to sex under close examination in society. Most frequently, as they relate to the entertainment, political and media industries. Regardless of your political, religious or ideological perspective, it is important for landlords and property managers to understand the current state of housing laws and how they too […]

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What Michigan Landlords Need to Know About the New Rental Inspection Legislation

Until recently, municipalities had broad authority under Michigan law to inspect rental properties for compliance with local ordinances and state law. This often resulted in municipal overreach in the frequency and cost of inspections and was especially evident during and after the Great Recession. Landlords have now been given more options with respect to how […]

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“Will You Swear To Tell The Truth?”: 5 Tips For Being A Witness In Court

Attending court as a witness can be an anxious experience for a non-attorney. For property managers and others who work in the industry, most courts at some point require the testimony of a witness in order to proceed with a landlord-tenant case. Most commonly, because the property manager is most familiar with the tenancy at […]

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Residential Occupancy Limits & Fair Housing

John M. Mione, the Firm’s Director of Operations and Senior Attorney was published in this month’s e-News for the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. In the article, he examines the vanishing of the “Two Heartbeats Per Bedroom” rule and how fair housing laws are impacting residential occupancy limits. Allegations of discrimination often arise out of […]

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