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CEO Matthew I. Paletz Interviewed by WILX News 10 in Lansing

Matt was interviewed by Marz Anderson about post-pandemic rental assistance funding. See the interview here.

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House Bill 5564 Aims to Keep Municipalities Out of a Landlord’s Business

Just in from Lansing … We have spent a good amount of time and effort letting our clients know about legislation that is pending or passed in the Michigan legislature that affects the way you do business.  Finally, there’s some good news potentially on the horizon with a new legislative proposal that could give landlords […]

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Application Fraud is Rampant for Landlords and Shows No Signs of Slowing

Michigan landlords can ask for pay stubs, W-2s, bank statements, paid invoices, or job offer letters to prove income for potential tenants.  But according to a new study from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), those proofs of income are being falsified at a mind-numbing level. In a study released just a few weeks ago, […]

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Michigan Landlords Continue to be the Targets of Tenant Advocacy Groups and Lansing   

“At our best, that’s what we are—a home of opportunity for people seeking a great life at a good cost of living… there just aren’t enough homes for growing families. Detroiters see higher rates when they re-sign.  In other words, the rent is too damn high and we don’t have enough damn housing! “ Governor […]

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Paletz Law: Looking Ahead

As was the case in 2023, decisions by the Federal Reserve will determine a lot of the economic health of the housing industry in 2024.  From new multi-family builds to refinancing, mortgage rates and housing availability, the Fed still hovers over the economic performance of the U.S. –  Oh by the way, it’s an election […]

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Defending Your Rights in 2023

Last year, Paletz Law’s deep bench of 13 attorneys, making it one of the largest landlord-tenant firms in Michigan, continued to make gains in aggressively protecting the rights of our clients, including: Obtaining multiple favorable court decisions  Successfully defending multiple fair housing claims Protecting the rights of our clients when tenants filed for bankruptcy Obtaining […]

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Massive Donation: Another Cause for Landlord Concern in Michigan

Advocacy groups that seek to protect people’s rights are a good thing. It’s when their activism becomes adversarial and intentionally or unintentionally infringes on the rights of others that it’s cause for alarm.  In the past few years, a growing number of tenant advocacy groups have made it more complicated for Michigan landlords to provide […]

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Why It’s Still Great to Be a Landlord

Paletz Law Chief Operating Officer John Mione explains why, despite all the post-COVID vilification, landlords continue to play an increasingly valuable role in our country.

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