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Why It’s Still Great to Be a Landlord

Paletz Law Chief Operating Officer John Mione explains why, despite all the post-COVID vilification, landlords continue to play an increasingly valuable role in our country.

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CEO Matthew I. Paletz Interviewed by Epoch Times

Matt was interviewed about the devastating effect that rent control is having on housing availability and property owners. See the article here.

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There Could be a Convicted Criminal Renting Your Property and Some in Lansing Think That’s Okay

Over the past few years, there’s been a movement to gut the criteria that a landlord relies on to screen a potential tenant. Criminal background checks for years have been a staple used by property owners as a reliable and necessary tool in the tenant screening process. But some housing advocates are even suggesting eliminating […]

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What is the Paletz Law Two-Minute Drill?

CEO Matthew Paletz explains what Paletz Law is sharing through its Two-Minute Drill video series and what information landlords can receive by subscribing to the Paletz Law YouTube Channel.

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Just in time for Halloween, Bad Michigan Housing Policies Are Contributing to ‘Ghost’ Apartments and ‘Zombie’ Mobile Homes

When you combine two-plus years of eviction moratoriums, an inflationary economy that is causing financial harm to tenants, increased government regulation, and skyrocketing interest and insurance rates together, you get a formula scarier to our housing sector than any costumed teenager coming to your door for candy – “Ghost rentals.” And not unlike that spooky […]

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CEO Matthew I. Paletz Interviewed by Law360

New edict from MI Supreme Court negatively impacts landlords. Matt was interviewed in an article in Law360 about the new court rule changes that will lengthen MI summary proceedings. See the article here.

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Michigan Landlords May Need a Bigger Boat

Paletz Law Chief Operating Officer John Mione updates landlords and property owners on two incoming ‘Jaws-esque dangers’ – an overruled “Open and Obvious” MI law and new rent control edicts sweeping across the country.

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Matt Paletz Calls Out Rent Control Advocates in National Interview

Rent control initiatives are on the rise. Matt was interviewed in an article about the negative impact these policies have on rental housing that was posted nationally in and Yahoo Finance. See the article here.

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