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Taking Away Private Property Rights is Not a Solution for Michigan’s Homelessness Dilemma

In an April 29, 2023, Detroit Free Press editorial, tenant advocates wrote that Housing Choice Vouchers, a government program, should be expanded in Michigan. Their premise is that multiple bills now being considered by the Michigan Legislature “could be a game changer for struggling families in Michigan.” These bills, however, would force rental housing providers/landlords to […]

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2022 Year End Report

Thank you all once again for your support of our Firm. We value the relationships, both old and new, we have continued to cultivate this past year. Read our 2022 year-end report here.

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Michigan Supreme Court Still Exercising Superintending Control of Local Courts to the Detriment of Private Property Rights

No doubt, the pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. In the business arena, the two groups that have been affected the most are restaurants and landlords. In the beginning of Covid, they were literally prevented from making a living. As it has progressed, my clients have seen their rights abrogated without due process of […]

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2021 Year-End Report

  TO OUR CLIENTS, WE SAY THANK YOU Thank you all for your continuing faith, trust and support in Paletz Law. The last two years have certainly been challenging for all of us. But our resolve has been steeled and has never been stronger. We continue to strive to be yourvoice and be the best […]

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From the Desk of CEO Matthew I. Paletz December 2021

Next year will mark my 15th year at the helm of Paletz Law. We have made it through the Great Recession, a momentous family succession and are continuing to endure through the Covid-19 global pandemic. My mother, our Firm’s founder, never promised things would be easy, but who could have anticipated things would be this […]

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2021 Mid-Year Update

From the desk of CEO Matthew I. Paletz | June 2021 It’s been quite a year for all of us. But like most trials, we have all learned from the adversity during this pandemic. I’m sure, like those of us at Paletz Law, you have learned to streamline your operations, do more with less, and […]

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Paletz 2021 Mid Year Update

2020 Year-End Report

INDUSTRY NEWS Commercial Real Estate: Prior to COVID, it seemed as if every other article in the business blogosphere was about the end of the onsite office era. It was said that millennials, who prefer workplace flexibility above all else, have changed the way to do business and employers who did not recognize this were […]

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EOY 2020

The Perilous Fight for the Preservation of the At-Will Tenancy

There’s always been a real estate legal topic that I’ve been hesitant to blog about. I was convinced that the mere mention of it would hasten its arrival. But then 2020 came, with its unending assault on the rights of property owners and it occurred to me that the time to be silent is over. […]

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