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“We Need to Talk . . .”

As we’ve said many times before, landlords and tenants are in a relationship and the key to any good relationship is communication. Sometimes initiating a simple conversation can alleviate confusion, resolve disputes, and go a long way in fostering a good tone for the tenancy. However, the ways we communicate as a society are evolving […]

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: Lifting the Stay

As a continuation of our Blog series about Tenants and Bankruptcy (see The Basics, remember that the main constant in Bankruptcy filings is the Automatic Stay. The legal definition of a Stay is the postponement or halting of a judicial proceeding. The reason why a Stay automatically takes effect in Bankruptcy is to initially […]

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2018 Year-End Report

2018 was a fast-paced year for the real estate industry full of activity. See our 2018 Year-End Report to read more about some of the news from a legal perspective.

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Tenants and Bankruptcy: The Basics

You’ve likely seen several commercials, billboards, and other advertisements by attorneys promoting their services to individuals seeking to file bankruptcy. However, when a tenant files bankruptcy, what are the landlord’s responsibilities and remedies? Because a tenant cannot select which debts they include in their bankruptcy petition, any debts owed to a landlord by a tenant […]

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The Changing Definition of Sex Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act

The past few years have seen issues relating to sex under close examination in society. Most frequently, as they relate to the entertainment, political and media industries. Regardless of your political, religious or ideological perspective, it is important for landlords and property managers to understand the current state of housing laws and how they too […]

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If It’s Not In Writing, It Didn’t Happen

Last month’s Paletz Law blog was about the value of a landlord taking pictures to document damages caused by a tenant. Another similar property management practice tip is to make sure you keep a written record of a tenant’s actions while they’re renting from you. If an issue ultimately needs to be litigated, you can […]

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A Landlord’s Pictures Can Be Worth a Tenant’s Thousand Words

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is applicable to many situations, including the relationship between a landlord and tenant. The importance of a landlord keeping photographic records of their property cannot be understated, as these photos can often assist in resolving tenant disputes. Inherent in the landlord and tenant relationship is […]

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The Tenant Escrowed Their Rent – NOW WHAT?

A Forcible Entry and Detainer action for eviction in Ohio is supposed to be relatively straightforward. When the landlord has been keeping the rental premises in proper repair and the tenant has failed to pay their rent, the next step would be to issue a 3-Day Notice. If the tenant still fails to pay their […]

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