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What To Do If Your Tenant Has Crossed The Line

In Michigan, actions to terminate tenancy usually need to be based on breach of the terms of the lease agreement or the rules and regulations. These actions typically require a 30 Day Notice before suit can be filed. However, there are some exceptions that have been carved out by the Michigan Legislature when the need […]

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Crisis Management In The Social Media Era

Contrary to popular belief, a crisis is not when your NCAA bracket gets obliterated in the first weekend. Rather, the dictionary defines it as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger when a difficult decision must be made.” In property management, examples of this include infrastructure failures, fire damages, criminal incidents or pest infestations. […]

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Manufactured Housing In Michigan: “Just Cause” vs “Non-Renewal”

As many in the industry know, an at will or by sufferance tenancy a/k/a month-to-month tenancy may be terminated by either the landlord or tenant. Typically, for residential housing, the initiating party must provide notice equivalent to one month or another time period controlled by the lease.[1] Issuance of a termination notice by the landlord […]

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What Michigan Landlords Need to Know About the New Rental Inspection Legislation

Until recently, municipalities had broad authority under Michigan law to inspect rental properties for compliance with local ordinances and state law. This often resulted in municipal overreach in the frequency and cost of inspections and was especially evident during and after the Great Recession. Landlords have now been given more options with respect to how […]

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The POWER of Language in a Lease

Landlords and Property Managers often deal with questions when it comes to payment of utilities. Who is ultimately responsible for them? How should they be treated in the lease agreement? What happens if a Tenant fails to transfer or maintain the utilities? Ensuring that the lease agreement includes provisions regarding utilities can go a long […]

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2017 Year-End Report

2017 has been a very exciting year for landlord-tenant law. Check out Paletz Law’s Year-End Report and have Happy Holiday Season!

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“Will You Swear To Tell The Truth?”: 5 Tips For Being A Witness In Court

Attending court as a witness can be an anxious experience for a non-attorney. For property managers and others who work in the industry, most courts at some point require the testimony of a witness in order to proceed with a landlord-tenant case. Most commonly, because the property manager is most familiar with the tenancy at […]

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Tips for Landlords to Weather the Storm of Natural Disasters

Considering the recent disasters in Texas and Florida caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we are reminded how important it is to be prepared for the potential impact on your rental properties and your tenants. Nobody can predict the future but there are precautions that landlords and property owners can take to mitigate the effects […]

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