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THE LEGAL BUZZ: What Landlords Need to Know About the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MCL 333.26421) was enacted in 2008. However, recently in a positive development for property owners, MI Senate Bill 72 was signed into law by Governor Snyder.[1] It amends the Act to allow a landlord to outright prohibit the smoking and growing of marihuana, irrespective if the tenant has the license […]

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5 Ways A Landlord Can Decrease Evictions

Evictions cost everyone: landlords, property managers, even tenants. Legal costs, time spent at court, and lost rent while finding a new tenant all harm a property owner’s Net Operating Income (NOI).  It is therefore vital for landlords to understand how to decrease evictions not only to optimize NOI, but also to reap the benefits of […]

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Bed Bugs, Bites, and Landlords’ Rights

Detroit continues to be in the top 10 in the nation for bed bug infestations.[1] That’s why lawmakers in Michigan have been itching for years for ways to address the bed bug epidemic as it relates to landlords and tenants. The main issue is who has the burden to pay the costs for removal. Since […]

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